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Wedding Theme by sweetkad.com

Wedding has evolved from the traditional exchanging of vows to a glamorous and remarkable celebration. Every couple wants to make their wedding remarkable. They want it to be solemn and heartfelt but fun and one of a kind at the same time. This makes themed wedding a popular trend nowadays.


Add a unique touch to your wedding by choosing a great theme!

Many engaged couples spent months for wedding preparations to make everything perfect comes their special day. So everything from wedding cards to wedding decorations as well as each detail of their wedding ideas should be planned well.

Some of the popular wedding themes include vintage weddings, movie-inspired weddings, beach weddings and weddings with multi-cultural themes. While you can settle with these wedding ideas, you may also want your wedding day to have a touch of personal distinctiveness.

Start your themed wedding plans by talking to each other. Choose a theme that represents your interests and personal style as a couple. You may want to walk back the memory lane and use your experiences as inspirations to your theme. Say, you both love Star Wars so why not create a theme inspired by that. Or you met each other in a Malaysian tour so you may want to have a Malaysian wedding for that. There are a lot of things you can draw inspiration from to bring a personal touch in your themed wedding. Always remember that sharing something about you and your partner to your guests through your theme makes the wedding more special.

Once you have decided with the theme, consider it as the central aesthetics of your wedding. Being keen to details is the secret of every successful themed wedding. Each details of the wedding including wedding decorations, wedding cards, and other wedding ideas should be tailored according to the chosen theme.

Start listing wedding ideas that will go with the theme. You may also want to create wedding checklists for easy inventory and tracking of the things you need, and you will need. Wedding checklists are very efficient in helping couples putting the pieces of your wedding ideas together.

Once you have planned everything already, contact a wedding favor supplier to help you with your wedding needs.

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Themed wedding is a unique way to celebrate your love. Plan and put your heart into it and make your wedding more remarkable if not a stand out!