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10 reasons why buy trackless folding gate by Emperor trackless folding gate
Trackless folding gate opening
Our trackless folding gate system folds away completely to give you a wider opening space. This will allow for easier vehicle entry and exits when the folding gate is in use.

Trackless folding gate arm system
With sophisticated design of operating linkages, our trackless folding gate maintains structural integrity. This multi-link trackless system gives the long term alignment and balance necessary for your folding gate.

Trackless folding gate floor requirements
The Emperor trackless folding gate system can be installed on any floor condition. Key reason behind is because it doesn’t require any ground track like older folding gates.

Trackless folding gate support
Our custom support pillars and gate hinges give our folding gate better support up to 35,000 KG. That’s almost 50 adult cows trying to pull your trackless folding gate leaves down.

Trackless folding gate size
One key feature of our trackless folding gate is the adjustable pull shaft. It allows us to alter the gate leaves and create a trackless folding gate which stretches up to 80 feet width.

Trackless folding gate backup power
Our trackless folding gate systems include a rechargeable backup battery for uninterrupted operations. This provides you 24-hour control over your system, even when there is no electricity to the folding gate.

Trackless folding gate installation
With our installation method, no wall damage is necessary for your trackless folding gate. Plus, any floor hacking is not necessary during our installation.

Trackless folding gate stainless steel
We use stainless steel to ensure strength and stability in our folding gate mechanism. Though heavier and stronger, it’s far less likely to warp or deform under force, or weight.

Trackless folding gate cleaning
Older folding gate with tracks catch rubbish and accumulate water when cleaning the porch. But you wouldn’t have to worry about this with a trackless folding gate.

Trackless folding gate maintenance
Broken gate roller wheels can be costly to replace and worst, stop you from using the folding gate. With a trackless folding gate system, you do not need the track and roller.

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