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Cheap & Easy Wedding Decoration Ideas! by coasterart.com

Looking for cheap wedding decorations that look expensive? Tight on budget? Here are some quick decoration ideas that you can easily get & decorate right away!

Psst... these decorations ideas works with ANY VENUE—home, backyard, indoor or outdoor


1) Wooden Alphabet Letters - "LOVE" or "MR & MRS"


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It's easy with these wooden alphabet letters. You can also come up with the bride's and groom's name or their last name. Or any other lovely words that works for you.

By the way, plain white alphabet letters work best for wedding event.


2) Memory Pit!

Guestbook is a good idea but so is this one!

Memory Pit is quite new in Malaysia but it is one of the most unique decoration ideas for wedding. Better yet, your guest can leave small notes on small heart shape for the happy couple!


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GOOD NEWS: After you're done, this Memory Pit can be taken home and sits at the corner for home decor. And the newlyweds can cherish all the notes left by guests.

Guestbook is OKAY but if it's gonna sits on the shelf forever then what's the point?

Unlike Memory Pit, even after 5~10 years later, you still can look back at it and re-lived the happy moments.

Get your Memory Pit HERE with Coaster ART!

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3) DIY Flower Bottle

Honey, don't get me started with DIY-stuff!

But this one is so EASY! (and CHEAP!)


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All you need for this idea:

1- recycle bottle or jar (glass or plastic)

2- flowers!

3- thick thread / rope / thin wire (to hang them)



Either way you spin it, you'll be getting a vintage-looking flower. 

Tie it on the tree or by the sidewalk. Or place it on the guest table or the foyer. Classic looking and save bucks!


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4) Fairy Lights!

No.. no.. it's not for night events only, you can use fairy lights WHENEVER.

But let's admit it, they do look good at night (outdoor) but it works during daylight too, especially if you're having a wedding indoor.


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See? And your wedding day is lighten up! Hang them, crumple them, it'll glow. It works with glass bottle too or any jar you could find. Again, it's all DIY but hey, how easy is this decoration idea? Not to mention, very~ very cheap!


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5) Wooden Chair Tag (or Chair Sign)

Typically in Malaysia, the bride and groom either use pelamin (fancy chair or sofa for the couple to sit down—like king and queen—celebrating their new status) BUT these signs does the same thing too!



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Or you can decorate the table where the newlyweds sit to eat. Or for makan beradab* purpose. (*how malay calls it)

Coaster ART has Adinda & Kekanda for that :)


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Don't worry about cost, get it your way, within your limited budget and there's always small (and cheap) decoration that made the whole event looks big.

By the way, these signs can be used later for home decor or re-use for next event :)


6) Welcome Board / Welcome Sign

Well... you did invite a bunch of people, right?

Welcome sign is one of the least expensive decoration. 

Spend less on bunting / banner and do this instead!!

It's a lot cheaper, easier and better looking too.

(Psst... It's a poster!)


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And you can always frame them later for nostalgic memory. Cool, huh? No, it's too sweet!


You can go the extra miles by printing your welcome sign on acrylic glass or mirror.


Image Source 1 | 2

Awesome looking welcome sign!


Last but not least,

7) If you don't have them, BORROW

The Spruce said so!

If your wedding is small, real tight on budget and you only need a particular stuff mainly & ONLY for the wedding, then you should borrow. Hashtag #cheapest , hashtag #free too!


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Borrow that drink dispenser from your aunt or any of your friends who has it. Or that huge fruit basket that you knew your mom had. Also that huge plain backdrop that your best-friend always hang in her room, borrow 'em. You get the idea.

Surely they understand, or perhaps your aunt don't even bother what you do with her stuff. To avoid misunderstanding, do share your plans with them and don't forget to return back the stuff you borrow!


There you go!

Hopefully this post helped you get your wild imagination running without costing you more than you should.

If there's a will, there's always a way~ Happy, happy wedding, everyone!