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5 Smashing Businesses That Should Produce Coasters by Coaster ART

Is your business one of the smashing businesses we're talking about? Check out if yours are listed. Then you should definitely start producing your coasters since they are brilliant!

Either to promote yourself or to sell as souvenir or gift; it's perfect. Or you can simply display them for guests to use.

We recently mention how coaster marketing helpsA LOT—so let's head down to see what kind of business suits for the bill.


Isn't it obvious?

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If pizza branch produces printed pizza coasters, then I would want one!

If donut company does the same, why not? Looks soooo good!

And the list goes on—this is your chance!




This one is pretty obvious as well but let's face it: coasters are great way to display your artwork.

Nicely done! Image Source 1 | 2 | 3

Take this advantage and let your best work get printed on

...and spread them around!



For hotel and resort services, it is only logic that personalized coasters are provided.

It's convenient and interactive; reminding your guest that they have made the right choice.

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Personalized brand coasters makes the best hotel merchandise too. Pretty handy during events or celebrations!



Running out of ideas on suitable corporate gifts? It's usually mugs, tote bags or mouse pad (err boring!)

Let's get over it; coasters are both useful and customizable.

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Personalized coasters are pretty cool for corporate gift as well. Simply print out the company logo and the events highlightDONE. Beneficial and memorable.

Like this one:

Image Source




If your business are one of the best local attractions, then you should consider printing out your very own personalized coasters.


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Visitors love getting their hands on something rare and useful; therefore, coaster it is!

Print out the highlights of the attraction so your guest will always remember the good times they had there.



Any business are more than welcome to print personalized coasters.

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First of all, it's marketing. Whatever works!

Second of all, it's quite easy to come up with unique design. Here's 10 ideas!

Third, it's VERY~ VERY useful. Coasters are just what everyone needs.

So use it well!

And don't forget to PRINT OUT your personalized coasters today with Coaster ART!

See our blog: https://coasterart.com/blogs/news/5-smashing-businesses-that-should-produce-coasters