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41. 黄金价格将突破2200美元/盎司 by 文、记者肖陆军 ,图、记者轩慧
股市“章鱼哥”李德明演讲 预测各类投资产品走势
42. Donald Trump Accepting Gold for Real Estate Payment by Wealth Wire
Wealth Wire - Thursday, September 15th, 2011
43. Will the Dollar Hinder Precious Metals in the Short-term? by P. Radomski
Will the Dollar Hinder Precious Metals in the Short-term?
44. The DAX Collapse by Steve Sjuggerud, 13 Sep '11
Germany is the economic engine of Europe. And its stock market has just gone off a cliff...
45. 黄金飙升背后的大国博弈 by 中国 资料来源:世界黄金协会
46. An Ugly Development in the Eurozone Crisis by Daily Wealth.
BACK IN December 2010 German banking powerhouse Deutsche Bank had just broken down to a 52-week low, writes Brian Hunt in Steve Sjuggerud's Daily Wealth.
47. Buying via Internet by LEONG HUNG YEE and LEE KIAN SEONG
Internet buying behavior...
48. 黄金资讯:欧美数据下滑 黄金触底反弹 by ahtan
   8月25日(星期四),国际现货黄金以1751.30 美元开盘,因欧元区希腊国债收益率及CDS大幅上升,法国失业人数大幅增加创11年最高,欧债问题再度加剧,而美国公布的数据喜忧参半,黄金受益日内冲低反弹,盘中最高1774.90美元。最低跌至1702.44美元,尾盘以1764.50美元报收。全天上涨12.00美元,或0.68%。
49. Irrational Gold Buying by Andrew
Irrational Gold Buying WITH GOLD making its expected pullback, we needed a chuckle, writes Gary Gibson at Whiskey & Gunpowder. So we checked the New York Times, and found this pick-me-up:
50. Getting Rich in Gold Is Easy by andrew
Getting Rich in Gold Is Easy