Johor is a jewel of Malaysia. Situated on the sourthen, Johor is also the Southern Gateway into Malaysia and allowing the flow to and from Singapore. 

Diverse in its cultures, the practises of the Malays, Chinese, Indians is influenced by the practises of Arabs, Bugis, Javanese, Persian and Hindustani...

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Tourist Attraction

Johor's offers nature lovers an unforgettable experience of colorful cultural heritages and the diversified natural attractions from ancient rainforests, cascading waterfalls, an exotic flora and fauna to wetlands and mesmerizing islands along the coastal of Straits of Malacca.  


Johor's mouth-watering local delicacies are influenced by Arabs and the surrounding Malay archipelago. Savior as well into the Javanese-influenced Johor dishes as we details inside. Johor also offers a range of Malay, Chinese, Indian, asian and international cuisines to suits the diversified taste of all Malaysians and tourists. Johor food has become favorite to many Singaporeans too.

Things To Do


There are 101 things to do in Johor, you can shop till you drop, party till the dawn, or try on the varieties of beauty and spa services and start thinking of your next sports and adventures because we have 25 golf courses and a range of sports activities awaits you!

Hotel & Accommodation


Only Johor accommodations offers the best view of captivating view of South China Sea and also the colourful Singapore night view at lower currency than many other countries.

Accommodations are packed during weekends and full on Public Holidays with so many overflow from Singapore and Malaysia crossing the border so easily. From luxury to budget stays, Johor has it all.



As the Southern Gateway of Malaysia, Johor is accessible from Singapore and it is network to all cities in Peninsular Malaysia excellent air and road connectivity.

With good highways connection, the North-South Expressway connects Johor with other cities in Peninsular Malaysia. It is estimated 5 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur.

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