Johor's mouth-watering local delicacies are influenced by Arabs and the surrounding Malay archipelago. Savior as well into the Javanese-influenced Johor dishes as we details inside. Johor also offers a range of Malay, Chinese, Indian, asian and international cuisines to suits the diversified taste of all Malaysians and tourists. Johor food has become favorite to many Singaporeans too.

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Malay Food


Johoreans loves Malay food. Famous for lunch is the Mee rebus and nasi lemak. brown sauce. The Ikan masak asam pedas, a sour stew of fish with tamarind, chili, tomatoes, okra and Vietnamese coriander. Other famous Malay food includes Sate, Roti Jala and more.

Chinese Food


Bak Kut Teh, meat served either in herbal soup or with dry herbal sauce is a popular dish among Johorean chinese. Besides a variety of chinese food, visitors can find many yummy-licious seafood restaurants and even Halal chinese food!

Indian Food


In Johor, one must try the Nasi Beriani Gam cooked the similar method as Hyderabad biryani but with spices adjusted to asians and it is very popular in Batu Pahat. Mamak stalls are as usually a famous hang out corner with their cheap priced teh tarik, roti canai and nasi campur.

Local Delights


Laksa Johor, spaghetti cooked with generous amount of coconut milk, fresh herbs and spices is deliciously and unique from the Penang laksa will make you fall in love with. The Mee Bandung Muar originated from Muar and bandung means mixed from many ingredients is another winning dishes in Johor. Among some wonderful Johor dishes are Penganan Kacau keledek, Kacang Pol and Otak-otak Muar.

Asian Food


Check out these Thai restaurants, their chefs's cook is as good as Thailand cooks. Whether you're craving for Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian food, you can eat them all in Johor.

Eastern, Western & European Food


Johor offers a range of fast foods to fine dinings, delectable of western and european dishes, along the streets of restaurants and line of hotel resorts.

At a relatively lower currency exchange, many have enjoyed dining in Johor.

Wine Bars & Clubs, Coffee & Cafes


One can enjoy with socialites in The Zon where beers and wines are at tax-free price or can party at the happening streets of bistro and pubs in the city.
As coffee is part of Johoreans breakfast, cofee shops and international coffee like Starbucks, Dome and Cofee Bean is easily located in the city.



A piece of shaved ice is covered with corn, jelly, red beans, groundnut, syrup, pasteurized milk, and liquid chocolate, the Ice Kacang Johor is sure the best indulge under the humidilty of Malaysian weather. If you're english desserts lovers, how about melting a heart with mouth-watering cakes, cupcakes, cookies, truffles, and homemade caramel chocolates?