Tourist Attraction


Off the coast of Kedah, Langkawi is a cluster of 99 islands jewels with winning qualities such as world-class infrastructure, competitive duty-free shops, geoforest park of mountain and mangrove forest, beautiful beaches, an archipelago rich in fossils of ancient and extinct sea creatures, flora and fauna, as well as famous legends.

The beautiful countryside and paddy fields has diverse the Kedah's tourist attractions from ancient archeological sites to breathtaking natural  wonders,...

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Island, Highlands & Mount


Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 magical islands under the sun. Step into the myth and legendary island filled with coccon and pristine rainforest, caves with stalactites and stalagmites, and be surrounded by world's most beautiful  beaches with preserved marine beauty are some of the breathtaking geological features that made Langkawi the first Unesco Geopark in the Southeast Asia.  

Ride on the Langkawi cable car that carries you through the...

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Art, Culture & Heritage


The culture here opens up to another experience. Walk into the kampung and heritage buildings, it will take you into the bygone days and artifacts. Today a number of monuments, buildings and museums are still presence. Among the famous buildings are Atma Alam or Batik Art Village, the Craft Cultural Complex, Alor Setar Tower, The Paddy Museum and The Zahir Mosque which is also Malaysia's oldest mosque.

Visit the Balai Seni Negeri or State Art Gallery for displays...

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Recreations & Mother Nature


To discover the wonders of nature and marine ecosystem, trail the jungle with and surprise yourself as the forest unfold in the eyes. Create your own safari at Kilim Nature Park, home to protected mangrove forest, untouched white beaches and blue lagoons. Marvel at the numerous waterfalls create seven pools with crystal clear water at Bukit Hijau Recreational Forest.

Experience the fantastic view on Gunung Kerian Recreational Park....

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