Located on the north-east of Malaysia, Kelantan is an agrarian state with charms of its rice fields, slow paced fishing villages and swaying casuarinas beaches.

Truly the cradle of Malay culture, Kelantan is the only state that we can still appreciate and indulge in the traditional activities such as the Wayang Kulit (shadow play) and the Mak Yong (dance drama) as well as the skills and diligence at playing dikir barat (group singing) and playing giant drum called rebana. Kelantan...

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Tourist Attraction

While every part of Kelantan displays conservative Malay cultures through traditional activities and performances that deeply stays in our heart, the islands of Kelantans calms and inspires the mind, and ancient forests and caves speaks the greatness of mother nature.



Kelantanese local delighst is an attraction like no other, the unique tastes only found in Kelantan and no other parts of Malaysia. Sugar and coconut are two main ingredients in almost every dishes.

Apart from its local dishes, Kelantan offers varieties in other types of cuisines that will give you varieties of selections each day.

Things To Do


Kelantanese practises charms and gentleness in their daily lives evolving around traditional handicrafts and performances as well as shopping for daily use and pleasure. The adventurous such as white water rafting, hiking, jungle trekking are among activities developed in conjunction with the natural attractions in the state.

Hotel & Accommodation


Accommodations no difference from others, Kelantan stays ranges from luxurious treats to budget comfort stays with features up to your stay purpopses whether it is for business or vacation.

All hotels are easily acessible to their main city and transport services can be arranged for travelling around.



With Sultan Ismail Petra Airport receiving flights, with the Wakaf Baru train station and with East-West Highway, Kelantan is easily accessible locally and other countries. It is also easy to get to Pulau Perhentian, one of the best island in Malaysia and visiting to Thailand is another advantage for Kelantanese.

It is best getting around Kelantan by bus service and trishaw to enjoy the beauty of Kelantan countryside.