Kelantanese local delighst is an attraction like no other, the unique tastes only found in Kelantan and no other parts of Malaysia. Sugar and coconut are two main ingredients in almost every dishes.

Apart from its local dishes, Kelantan offers varieties in other types of cuisines that will give you varieties of selections each day.

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Malay Food


Kelantan malay food  uses a lot of herbs and spices in its dishes. Must-try dishes include nasi dagang, nasi kerabu, nasi berlauk and nasi tumpang.

Chinese Food


The name Nasi Sumatera, sounds like a Malay dish but it is actually a chinese owned shop and offers variety of meat and steamed vegetables, egg and even garlic with rice. The fun of eating in Kelantan chinese dishes has just begin!

Indian Food


The ever popular Banana Leaf Rice can be eaten at Gua Musang, where spices are added sufficiently to make you hunger for another plate. Besides vegetarian indian food, you will also find the same dishes as other indian restaurants and mamak stalls.

Local Delights


Kelantnese local delights have the influenced of Thai cuisines. For breakfast, join the locals in eating Nasi berlauk (rice with fish or chicken and vegetable). For lunch, you can have laksa kelantan (white noodle served with gravy and vegetable) with ayam percik (wood-fire broiled chicken with sweet coconut gravy) and a cup of coconut shake (hardly found outside Kelantan). For dinner, you have a range of choices like...

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Asian Food


Thai food is a popular cuisine among Johoreans due to its influences in the local Kelantanese dishes, so you could find some thai cuisines too!

Eastern, Western & European Food


Kelantanese do loves western food, there are a host of fast food and localized western food restaurants. Dare you compare which taste better? You can also arrange for a fine dining in beautiful resorts of Kelantan.

Wine Bars & Clubs, Coffee & Cafes


Unlike Sabah and Sarawak, 'tuak' or air nira in Kelantan and Terengganu is a non-alcohol drink so Muslim can drink it. The Kelantanese call it Non-alcoholic wine.

To head on for some wine and beers, they are sold in retail shops and in resort hotels. Wine are widely purchase a gifts too as a gift.



Dessert lovers... watch your jaws drop as you are surprised by more than over 30 types of kuih in each stall! The best desserts in Kelantans are its colourful and  very sweet Malay kuih and the best place to get it is Pasar Siti Khatijah, Medan Selera Buluh Kubuand the night markets. Kuih like taik itik, cek mek molek, jala mas and gerodok which is rare in other states.