Tourist Attraction

While every part of Kelantan displays conservative Malay cultures through traditional activities and performances that deeply stays in our heart, the islands of Kelantans calms and inspires the mind, and ancient forests and caves speaks the greatness of mother nature.

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Island, Highlands & Mount


Explore the beaches of Kelantan, not only that these names are melting the  heart but you will also find tranquility under the swaying casuarinas and coconut palms, it is believe that the most beautiful beaches along the entire east coast is here... the Pantai Cahaya Bulan (Moonlight Beach), Pantai Irama (Beach of Melody) and Pantai Seri Tujuh (Beach of Seven Lagoons).

Art, Culture & Heritage


In Malaysia, Kelantan is often regarded as the most traditional and conservative in Malay culture. The only states you can indulge in traditional activities such as wayang kulit (shadow play), wau or kite flying, songket weaving and batik printing. Kelantanese are skillful at playing dikir barat (group singing), mak yong (dance drama) and playing giant drum called rebana....

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Recreations & Mother Nature


Stand tallest in Kelantan is the fish-shaped rock, Gunung Stong which is said to have hidden treasure  in the Gua Ikan (Fish Cave) during the Japanese Occupation.

Create your own safari on a cruise along the Nenggiri River which ply along the old rainforest, historical cave, aboriginal settlements, and the jungle wildlife, flora and fauna. Indeed a famous eco-advenutre place.
Favorite venue for team building and...

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