Malacca also known as The Historic State is a melting pot of diverse cultures of the Chinese, Malays, Indian, Portugese, Chitty, Straits Chinese and more.

Strategically in central position on the Straits of Malacca, Malacca was at its glorious achievement as the arriving trade port of the east and the west, attracted entrepreneurs from Kepulauan Melayu, China, Arab, India, Japan and Europe. Grown in fame and fortune, it became an empire of the legendary proportions.

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Tourist Attraction


After a spectular treasure of Malacca's rich and colourful heritages and cultures, visitors can set the mind free at the coastal area before continuing a learning and discovery trip to Malacca's recreation park home of wildlife and fruit farm to experience mouth-watering mangoes.



Malacca is food haven for its varieties such as the ayam pongteh and satay celup from the Peranakan, baked-fish and devil curry from Portugese, asam pedas from the malays also the chinese hainanese chicken rice balls as well as the indian banana leaf rice.

Things To Do


This destination offers a variety of sights and sounds that will tantalise your evey sense and bring back fond memory from shopping at local market ambience, thrill with excitement at popular A'farmosa themepark to splendour in the activites on Malacca's natural attractions. 

Hotel & Accommodation


An experience that has never been so meaningful, Melaka accommodations scattered around the historical town with full of the colours of its mix culture and heritage buildings.

Depending your interest, every accommodation in Melaka is nearby to its historical or shopping destination.



Melaka is accessible from all cities in Peninsular Malaysia and the region via air flights, train service and on the road.

The Ayer Keroh exit at the North-South highway is the main entry to Malacca. Two additional exits along the North-South highway are the Simpang Ampat and Jasin exits.