Malacca is food haven for its varieties such as the ayam pongteh and satay celup from the Peranakan, baked-fish and devil curry from Portugese, asam pedas from the malays also the chinese hainanese chicken rice balls as well as the indian banana leaf rice.

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Malay Food

A unique Malay food in Malacca is the satay. Instead of peanuts, the sauce consist of belimbing (a small sour fruit) in its curry. Among favorites Malay food in Malacca includes grilled fish, assam pedas and seafood.
Chinese Food


As you stroll through the Malacca narrow streets and have craving for chinese food, there are so unlimited choices before you such as the famous claypot rice, chicken ball rice, dim sum, pao and more... compare and see how different with Peranakan cuisine!

Indian Food


Tasty north and south indian food is abundance in Malcca especially around Jalan Bendehara and Jalan Laksamana. Favorite indian dishes in Malacca includes Tandoori, chapati, paratha, banana leaf rice.

Local Delights


The popular Peranakan food uses a generous amount of chillies and spices. Unlike Malay cuisines, pork is used used, however many restaurants now have replaced with chicken so that the Muslims can also share this unique taste. Among favourite dishes include laksa, mee siam, curry rice and nasi lemak, cincalok and more.

Asian Food


How about a dining with fish spa? Visitors can taste conventional Korean pork dishes with optional fish spa, and there you will find tea that purportedly cure ailments. Not forgetting, Thai food and Japanese food is also available in entire Malacca.

Eastern, Western & European Food


Walk through the antique shops and the buildings of European empires, there are the restaurants serving a phlethora of western food and pizzas at consistent quality food and service as well as affordable price!

Wine Bars & Clubs, Coffee & Cafes


Malacca nightlife is made happening with the streets of pubs and clubs along Melaka Raya.

Even coffee lovers and leisure chat can find many local cafes in Malacca  which will helps you relax surrounded by the beautifully lighted view  of Malacca.  



Desserts is popular in Malacca especially the Baba-Nyonya desserts like cendol (green-coloured noodles in chilled coconut milk), kuih koci, onde-onde and pulut hitam are a must try in Malacca.