Things To Do


This destination offers a variety of sights and sounds that will tantalise your evey sense and bring back fond memory from shopping at local market ambience, thrill with excitement at popular A'farmosa themepark to splendour in the activites on Malacca's natural attractions. 

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Beauty & Spa


Massages and manicure pedicure are among the famous services in Malacca. There are varieties of choices, and if you wonder whether the first spa in Malacca is still presence? Yes it is!



Don't miss the biggest and most happening A'Farmosa Resorts and water world, your family will get to indulge and have fun in the Cowboy Town, Animal World Safari and the Water World.

Within the city, there are two cinemas or if you prefer some partying, head on to Melaka Raya, there are more more vigorous entertainment at the clubs and pubs.



The local authentic atmosphere at the 'pasar malam' or night market makes a different shopping experience even just for a walk. Filled with excitement and surprises, one will find many locals handicrafts and antiques abound in Jonker Street, there are magnets, silverware, pewter, poceilain, rugs and other trinkets. 

For those like to shop in comfort, shopping malls offer spectacular deals on locals and imported goods for endless shopping spree.

Sports & Exercise


Nothing beats a sunbath at the beach, and for adventurer, there are a range of water sports like diving, snorkelling, swimming, and boating by the beachside.

For golfers, Malacca offers world class golf courses. Whether 9 hole or 36 hole, the choice is limitless to satisfy any individual.