Tourist Attraction


After a spectular treasure of Malacca's rich and colourful heritages and cultures, visitors can set the mind free at the coastal area before continuing a learning and discovery trip to Malacca's recreation park home of wildlife and fruit farm to experience mouth-watering mangoes.

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Island, Highlands & Mount


If you just want to laze around under the Sun and Sea, then there is the Pulau Besar which is ideal for many water activities. Nature lovers can watch turtle nestling at Pulau Upeh. 

Art, Culture & Heritage


Rich historically witnessed from the heritage buildings such as the Porta de Santiago leftover by the Portugese, the Dutch's red-coloured Stadthuys and Christ Church, the legendary Hang Li Poh's Well and many churches and temples. Interestingly we can see many Peranakan as a results of mixed marriages between the Chinese immigrants and local Malay women are still practising Chinese customers but speak Malay.

Recreations & Mother Nature


Explore into 800 species of fruit trees and huge collections cactus and orchids in the Pradise Tropical Fruit World and Aboriginal Native Village in Alor Gajah. As Malacca is drived by its agrotourism, here you get an opportunity to experience the agrocultural traditions of the country again.