Negeri Sembilan



Grilled crabs, Seremban Siew Pau and traditional Negeri Sembilan dishes are the famous and must taste food when visiting the state. 
No difference from other states, visitors can still enjoy Malay, Chinese, Indian, Peranakan, Western, Spanish and Hong Kong meals as well as familiar food-chain like Starbucks, McDonald, Pizza Hut are presence to meet every cravings. 

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Malay Food


Visit to Negeri Sembilan must try its Malay food which its cooking taste different from other states and closely associated with its traditional food which uses generous amount of chillies in their dishes.  

Chinese Food


Chinese food such as hainanese chicken rice, asam fish, claypot tauhu, cantonese hor fun, bak kut teh... you name it. Find out the good rated Chinese restaurants in every parts of Negeri Sembilan.

Indian Food


Indian restaurants and mamak stalls is scattered around Negeri Sembilan and it is easily found. The Banana Leaf Rice is still famous and visitors can also find here a famous northern indian food which is packed with customers durin weekends. Similarly delicious dishes like Chapati, Chicken Amaravadhi and more can be tasted here.

Local Delights


Traditional Negeri Sembilan food is hot and spicy. Must try delicious dishes includes lemak cili api (spicy chiken slosh), ayam goreng berempah (fried chicken with spice), daging ayam gulai (smoked beef) and many more.

Asian Food


Asian food can be found in Nilai and Seremban. Thai buffet steamboat which hardly found in other states can be found in negeri sembilan.

Eastern, Western & European Food


While hotels, resorts and some restaurants do serve western food, visitors can get cheap and delicious western food restaurants in Seremban, so worth it that visitors come out smiling wide.

Wine Bars & Clubs, Coffee & Cafes


There are many local coffee shops for the coffee lovers, this is an experience to see and hear from the local people.

Wines are served in hotels and resorts as the state people enjoy a peace of mind at night.


If there is a traditional desserts which its recipe and preparation method is passed on till today, it will be in Negeri Sembilan. The Chinese Rice Pudding, is a popular desserts in this state which are not available in other states.
Have you also tried tapai, a dessert which is steamed fermented rice with vanilla ice-cream, once again, a rewarding venture for bravehearts only? It can only be found in Negeri Sembilan.