The highlands of Pahang offers the best bites of fresh local vegetables and fruits. In the cooling temperature, steamboat warms the body and improves blood circulation around the body. Every parts of Pahang serves a variety of Malay, Chinese, Indian and its local cuisines. Fine western and european cuisines can be eaten at both coastal and hill resorts. 

Do try its specialty the 'keropok lekor' or local fish crackers...

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Malay Food


If someone says "Moh Makan", it is actually the Malay invitation "lets eat". Malay food in Pahang has influence of Indians, Chinese and Arabs long ago when all of them were trading spices in this town. Visitors must try out Pahang  Malay food like nasi kebuli, ikan patin asam rebus, nasi tomato, satay and more.

Chinese Food


Chinese food is also very popular. There are many restaurants offering varieties of rice and noodles and dishes of meat like frogs, shark fins, and snails and occasionally lizards by request. Dim sum is a popular Chinese dish available in the region.

Indian Food


Indian food is easily found in Pahang, normally consists spices and herbs like turmeric, ghee, yoghurt and chili. Both North Indian and South Indian food are available in the region. Favorite indian food includes nasi beryani, beef curry, chapati and more.

Local Delights

Mouth-watering local delights of Pahang includes the Laksa Pahang, the famous Nasi Periuk Kera, rice cooked in pitcher plant, the local fish crackers called keropok lekor as well as the seafood cooked with in traditional recipe in Temerloh or known as Town of Silver Catfish.  

Pahang seasonally produce tropical fruits like durian, rambutan,...

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Asian Food

A number of restaurants serving Japanese, Thaifood and Siamese food in Pahang to complement the taste buds for more varieties from its existing offerings.  
Eastern, Western & European Food

Western and european food are popular in the region, it is served in many fast food outlets in shopping complexes and popular tourist spots like Genting Highlands, Bukit Tinggi, Cameron Highlands and Fraser's Hill. Fine western and italian food are served in many hotels and resorts at slightly premium price. 
Wine Bars & Clubs, Coffee & Cafes

Wines are served and best enjoyed in the resort ambience of heritage buildings in Bukit Tinggi. Genting HIghlands pubs also offers some nightlife. If you get some bargain price liquors, you may head on to Mentakab.  

Among so many desserts in Pahang, visitors a must-try desserts is the Puding Diraja and Akok Beserah which is hardly find in other states that   will surely arouse your taste buds.