Penang located on the northwest coast of Malaysia is also known as the "Pearl of   the Orient”  is famed for its culture, food and heritage. Penang comprises the   mainland of Seberang Prai and the island call Penang Island.

The second smallest state in Malaysia but the coastal area comprises the capital city, George Town; new townships and industrial areas formally a Multimedia...

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Tourist Attraction

Penang offers the most charming mix of the east and the west. Its wealth witness from the richness of natural, flora and fauna heritages and as one stepped into the city, all legacies comes alive from its architecture buildings and many worship places.


Penang is one of the best place to taste various cuisines in a multi-cultural country. The island offers superb mix of world eats and abundance of local treats. At every corner in the island, you will find food and people are just eating even up to midnight, families and friends are still enjoying the varieties of cuisines here. Penangites pride themselves, their street food and hawker stalls are cheaply priced.
Things To Do

Excitement never ends on the its islands, the fun continues in every part of Penang like other major capitals of Malaysia and Singapore. Know your excitement levels and there is plenty of choices for you to choose and decide.
Hotel & Accommodation

Penang Island's personality has been its great experience and whether you choose to stay in the city or by the coastal near to beaches and hills, Penang's attractions are within close proximity.

Accomodations in Penang offers range of budget and needs. Travellers planning for luxurious setting have a range excellent hotels as well as boutique hotel and beach resorts. Penang-Malaysia Association of...

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Getting to and around Penang is so easy with its networking of road, air, trail and sea. Flights are available by local an international airline operators .

The North-South Expressway connects Penang to major states of Peninsular Malaysia.  Mainland of Penang  is connected to the Penang Island by the Penang Bridge of 13.5kilometre, also one of the longest bridge in Asia....

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