In Perak, Ipoh is the most famous town for culinary adventure. An array of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western are found here. Local popularities which many believes the food origin from Ipoh and today, the best taste can be only found in Ipoh. 
Seafood lovers will head on to Sitiawan's Kampung Cina and Tanjung Tualang. There are wide choice of cooking styles and tastes. 
Coffee lovers...

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Malay Food

Malay food is very popular in Perak. One of the famous Malay food is the Laksa Perak. This noodle dish is similar to Penang's famous Asam Laksa but taste different because more prawn paste is used. Rending Tok is another popular dish, a dish of beef cooked with exotic herbs and spices to be served with glutinous rice.
Chinese Food

The chinese food in Ipoh is especially famous although the same food can be found in other states in Malaysia. Among the food are dim sum, ipoh kaoy teow, chicken rice, fish paste, curry noodle, hakka noodles and more.

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Indian Food

Famous for its banana leaf rice, Perak also offers delectable Indian food such as the chicken naruval, crab curry and mutton masala. Perak is seen with many restaurants and mamak stalls to dine in. 
Local Delights

The best of Ipoh ngah choy kai (chiken and bean sprout), Ipoh hor fun (flat rice noodle in broth), dim sum, siew yuk (roasted pork), lin yung pao (bun) and many more are the famous and favorite local delicacies that many would drive hours and willing to queue up for a meal. 

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Asian Food

A host of Korean food, western food, thai food and japanese food can be found Perak too.
Eastern, Western & European Food

There are several pizza restaurants, a host of Italian restaurants, German restaurants complement to the famous local taste bud.
Wine Bars & Clubs, Coffee & Cafes

Coffee lovers can get a variety of coffee shops and cafes to choose from Ipoh, Perak is fame for its Sin Yoon Loong White Coffee, the coffee now is served in many coffee shops in Malaysia and even prepacked for retail.
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For sweet endings, Ipoh is famous for 'Tong Shui', tau foo fah, cendol, ice kacang, wan tao long, various bakeries and mixed fruits.