Things To Do

Filled with excitement, Perak offers visitors the world class spa, range of activities in theme park backing 400-million-years limestones hill, varieties of shopping malls and merchandises, as well as a host of sports activities. It will never be a dull moment in Perak offering adventures, leisures and relaxation - all in one destination.

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Beauty & Spa

Unique in Perak, the Banjaran Hot Spring Retreat opened in September 2010 but it has received an impressive list of awards & testimonials suggesting this Perak spa is very special.

Discover the world class spa within world class resort on a private island retreat, Spa Village at Pangkor Laut Resort. The resort has been frequented by endless appointments of A-list celebrities....

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Peraks has two great theme parks in The Lost World Of Tambun and Bukit Merah Laketown Resort with various fun activities for the entire family. 

The Taiping zoo is another favorite place for children during the weekends. 

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Perak is famous for their tekat benang emas (gold embroidery), black sayong pottery, handicrafts made from seashells, and food like ikan pekasam, pomelos and fish paste.

There is a duty free shop in Sultan Azlan Shah Airport.

Branded merchandises can be shopped at a number of departmental stores too.  

Sports & Exercise

There are a many outdoor activities, inclusive common sports like tennis, golf, caving, whiterafting and horseback riding. There are a number of golf courses as well as sports stadiums.