Perlis is the smallest states in the Peninsular Malaysia, it possess all the potentials to emerge as the new economic power in the north of Peninsular Malaysia. Gographically in the centre of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand Growth Triangle (IMTGT), Perlis is the most strategic locations for investment location in the region.

Rich with natures, flora and fauna, perlis has an intrique mix of both...

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Tourist Attraction

Perlis is truly a heaven for many adventurers or anyone interested into cave exploration. There are a number of limstone hills with caves. Each is unique by itself and worth the crawling and squeezing through openings to explore the cave.
Tasik Meranti, a man-made lake is located in Perlis. Nature lovers will also loves the recreational forests, waterfalls and rivers.


Varieties of Malay, Chinese, indian, Thai cuisine, local delights and seafood are available in Perlis. Must try delicacies in Perlis including Laksa Perlis, Nasi Ulam, grilled fish, chicken, mango glutinous rice are all mouth watering. Seafood lovers can indulge in your cravings in Kuala Sungai Baru and Kuala Perlis. 
Things To Do

Entertainment in Perlis relates to its nature like cave exploration, bird watching, picniking as well as shopping at their cultural night market. The new bowling alley has recently opened has become a popular entertainment in the city.
Hotel & Accommodation

Perlis offers a wide range of accommodations ranging from 4 star hotels to homestay accommodation in Ujung Bukit Village, a peaceful village. It is the first village in perlis to obtain approval from the Ministry of Tourism for Homestay programme. Visitor will get a chance to experience and see the culture and local lifestyle of perlis. 


Perlis has modern transportation facilities. The North-South highway connects Perlis with major towns in Peninsular Malaysia. Traveling within Perlis is using road connectivity.

The nearest airport to Perlis is the Sultan Abdul Halim airport in Alor Setar, Kedah.

Arau is the Keretapi Tanah Melayu...

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