Varieties of Malay, Chinese, indian, Thai cuisine, local delights and seafood are available in Perlis. Must try delicacies in Perlis including Laksa Perlis, Nasi Ulam, grilled fish, chicken, mango glutinous rice are all mouth watering. Seafood lovers can indulge in your cravings in Kuala Sungai Baru and Kuala Perlis. 

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Malay Food

With Malay represents more than 70% of the population in Perlis, there are wide array of malay dishes like nasi lemak, rendang ayam, roti jala, ayam goreng in Perlis.
Chinese Food

There are a number of delicious chinese restaurants and hawker stalls in Perlis. Prices are relatively cheap compared to other states.

With cheap seafood prices, we get to taste various of cooking style in chinese seafood restaurants.

Indian Food

Indian food like roti canai, chapati, banana leaf rice is all served in Perlis. This complements all Malaysians taste buds. 
Local Delights

Local Perlis food is one of the seven wonders of Perlis. Therefore any visit to Perlis must include the tasting of delicious Laksa Kuala Perlis, Nasi Ulam, grilled fish, mango glutinous rice and many more.
Asian Food

Among all Asian food, visitors can delicious and even original Thai food in Perlis. 
Eastern, Western & European Food

Burgers, steaks, fish and chips or western food in local style of preparations can be found in locally operated restaurants in Arau.
Wine Bars & Clubs, Coffee & Cafes

Coffee lovers can find some cafes around in Kangar or smaller hawker stalls in every part of Perlis. 

Wines are served in more cozy ambience in hotels and resorts. 

HARUMANIS, one of the seven wonders of Perlis, must not missed. A species of exotic Perlis mango, it is very aromatic and superb in taste. The Harum Manis sweetly melts in your mouth when served as dessert or eaten raw. But it is always preferred with glutinous rice.