Tourist Attraction

Perlis is truly a heaven for many adventurers or anyone interested into cave exploration. There are a number of limstone hills with caves. Each is unique by itself and worth the crawling and squeezing through openings to explore the cave.
Tasik Meranti, a man-made lake is located in Perlis. Nature lovers will also loves the recreational forests, waterfalls and rivers.

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Island, Highlands & Mount

Gunung Medan, a limestone outcrop 100m height never fails to stun visitors with its ever breathtaking panoramic view at the hilltop of the paddy fields, the hill towards Thailand, plantations, and islands are famous as a picnic spot.
Kuala Perlis
is the famous departure point to Langkawi, a famous tourist destination from all over the world.  
Art, Culture & Heritage

Perlis has its own traditional dance in the form of the graceful Canggung dance and Ayam Didik dance. Among cultural places to visit includes the Arau, Kota Al Marhum Kayang, Kuala Perlis, Padang Besar, and Perlis Craft Cultural Complex.

For historical trips, do not miss out on the Kota Kayang Museum which showcases the construction chronology...

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Recreations & Mother Nature

Nature lovoers should explores the Gua Kelam and Wang Burma as well as making their way to the eco park resort which offers nature walks   along their private reserve, jungle tracks to their lush rainforest and trekking to the refreshing bukit ayer waterfall just 300m away from their   resort.

The Snake Farm  at Sungai Batu Pahat has the largest collections and varieties of snakes.