Selangor is strategically located in the central region of Peninsular Malaysia is the richest and most industrialized state in Malaysia. As a fast developing state in the country, Selangor has the largest port in thecountry named Port Klang, house the most number of institutions of higher learning, among the best  communications facilities...

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Tourist Attraction

Selangor encompasses the best mix of cultural heritages renowned for richness of Malaysia, the home to several green rainforests which a habitat to thousand years flora and fauna, and the gifts of clean beautiful islands, beaches and waterfalls. A combination of the three has attracted tourists from all over the world.

Selangor's diversity in cultural mix of Malays, Indians and Chinese offers authentic local delicacies from each race and a wonder array of fusion dishes. Additional to local flavours, visitors can find countless restaurants offering international cuisines. Every street corner always has some food treats. Selangor also has some of the best seafood destinations with its freshness and price. 
Things To Do

In addition to its mother nature, Selangor has a number of shopping malls surrender to the sheer volume, range and diversity. A state where you can find the fashion designer labels, cutting-edge technology, world class quality to local warm service. Along list of pampering services from head-to-toe, it houses some top-of-list places for themeparks and adventures, luxury golf courses, fitness centres, nightlife... you name it. 
Hotel & Accommodation

Selangor having so many tourism spots, a wide selections of luxury hotels and budget stays are built to cater to visitors' needs and demands at every tourism spots such as Batu Caves, Pulau Ketam, Firefly park; and during talk-of-town events like Formula One at Sepang International Circuit


Selangor is accessible internationally through Port Klang and Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah International Airport. The North-South Highway provides convenient access to Selangor from Thailand, Singapore and all parts of the Peninsular Malaysia. 

Two train system, the Keretapi Tanah Melayu...

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