Selangor's diversity in cultural mix of Malays, Indians and Chinese offers authentic local delicacies from each race and a wonder array of fusion dishes. Additional to local flavours, visitors can find countless restaurants offering international cuisines. Every street corner always has some food treats. Selangor also has some of the best seafood destinations with its freshness and price. 

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Malay Food

Malays represents the biggest population in Selangor. 'Halal' food (non-pork dishes) as judged by the ingredients and cooking method is in  every part of Selangor. Among delicious Malay food includes nasi lemak, satay, roti jala, rendang ayam and more. There are many Malay hawker  food which is delicious and cheap.
Chinese Food

With a 37% population  (based on 2010 statistics) in Selangor, visitors have a myriad of famous and delicious chinese food including Farmland steamboat, Klang Bak Kut Teh, Ampang Yong Tau Foo, cheap and fresh seafood in Pulau Ketam and the list goes on. Gaining popularity, there are some delicious chinese food which has obtained 'halal' recognition and has gained many Malay dine-ins. 
Indian Food

Indians represents the third biggest population in Selangor. In indian food, mamak stalls beomce a part of urban lifestyle of Malaysians.       

Unlike the beautiful al fresco dining, the concept of mamak stall arranged some tables and chairs outside the shop with a television screen. Still serving the same...

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Local Delights

Interestingly, delicious local  food are scattered around Selangor and many food seekers would drive all out to search for good food. Click here to check out some of the favourites local delights.
Asian Food

Besides flew in ingredients and authentic taste, there are a number of award winning Asian food including Japanese, Korean, Vietnam and Thai food are widely found in Selangor. Click in for the listings and reviews.
Eastern, Western & European Food

Western food, european food and eastern food are found all around Malaysia but visitors are interested to search for the best steak in town, the best and award winning restaurants, chef or dish. Click in for the listings and reviews. 
Wine Bars & Clubs, Coffee & Cafes

There are many desserts house, shops and restaurants in Selangor.

Desserts  lovers can now enjoy dessert buffets too. With many varieties from every Malaysian ethnic group or delicacies from other countries, desserts have become an art in its presentation and its luscious looks tempts more than ever.


Nighlife in Selangor is as happening as Kuala Lumpur, there are a number of places for wine, a number of pubs for beers and wine, as well as many cafes with songs dedications and live bands.