Things To Do

In addition to its mother nature, Selangor has a number of shopping malls surrender to the sheer volume, range and diversity. A state where you can find the fashion designer labels, cutting-edge technology, world class quality to local warm service. Along list of pampering services from head-to-toe, it houses some top-of-list places for themeparks and adventures, luxury golf courses, fitness centres, nightlife... you name it. 

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Beauty & Spa

Selangor offers an extensive choice of beauty brands, beauty salons, hair studio, slimming centres. Today one can indulge in internationally acclaimed luxury services and urban haven of relaxation, all within the vicinity of  our home or working places. Islands and beaches offers some of the best retreats with signature massages beyond enclosed private treatment room. 

Watching movie at the cinema during the weekends is a norm lifestyele for many locals and tourists. 

Themepark and wet world are seen with pack parents and childrens too. 

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In addition to a host of famous shopping malls, Selangor offers tremendous charm for visitors through its famous night market or "pasar malam", a myriad of bazaars and flea markets. Along the colourful street, visitors get to see, pick and bargains for a variety of creative handmade and imported accessories, fashions and more.

Sports & Exercise

Selangor is well-known to the world with the annual Formula One World Championship organised at Sepang International Circuit. Many businessmen seeks a calm and focused mind in many luxury golf courses in Selangor. 

The natural landscape in Selangor encourages the spirit of sports from white water...

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