Tourist Attraction

Selangor encompasses the best mix of cultural heritages renowned for richness of Malaysia, the home to several green rainforests which a habitat to thousand years flora and fauna, and the gifts of clean beautiful islands, beaches and waterfalls. A combination of the three has attracted tourists from all over the world.

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Island, Highlands & Mount

Selangor unfolds the beauty of its quiet and tranquil beaches, the island with refreshing sea breezes and beautiful sunset view as well as the mount that brings human closer to a number of species of flora and fauna.

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Art, Culture & Heritage

Selangor is so historically rich witnessed from the existence of various thematic museums, galleries and landmark buildings until today. The Little India, Sekinchan Paddy Fields and Rumah Buluh Betong Resort Living shows the lifestyles, culture and art of the Selangor citizens. These heritages are still very well preserved for the next generation and has attracted visitors all over the world.
Recreations & Mother Nature

Spending holiday with the Selangor recreation and mother nature is a unique experience like no other. A series of itinery from back-to-nature walk through lush tropical reserved forest, enjoying the view of flora and fauna, discovering endangered species of wildlife, be surrounded by incandescent glow of fireflies, relaxing against the waterfall...

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