Terengganu food has received influence of Thai culture which uses mostly rice based dishes such as nasi dagang, nasi kunyit, nasi kuning, nasi berlauk, nasi and nasi kerabu. Food in Terengganu is not expensive with variety of choices range from hotel food to hawker food.

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Malay Food

Malay food such as nasi berlauk (rice with choice of dishes), assam laksa, nasi kandar can be found in Kuala Terengganu. Most restaurants serves malay food and local delights.
Chinese Food

Chinese food can be found at hawker stalls and restaurants. There are a number of hawker stalls which sells delicious precooked or simple to prepare food, while restaurants will served more complicated dishes which you ordered from menu. For seafood lovers, Kemaman and Dungun is ideal place to go. Among famous chinese food includes hainan chicken rice, roti paun, sweer sour...

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Indian Food

There are less Indian food in Terengganu but one can still get the Northern Indian and Southern Indian cooking style in Terengganu local Indian food. indian food like nasi briani, nasi kandar, roti saddam hussain, roti canai, rojak mamak can be found in Kuala Terengganu.    
Local Delights

Among famous local food are Keropok Lekor, made of dough (sago flour) and pounded mackerel fish and sardines, Keropok Keping (fish crackers), Budu, a very pungent and salty anchovy sauce, Laksam (or laksang in local Malay dialect), and sata, a type of otak-otak or fish cake wrapped in banana leaves and cooked over a grill. 
Asian Food

Thai food can be found in some of the Malay and chinese restaurants.
Eastern, Western & European Food

Western food such as burgers, pastas, pizzas, and fries can be found in Terengganu. 
Wine Bars & Clubs, Coffee & Cafes

Coffee would be easily found at many mamak stalls and any restaurants. However wine and beer would be difficult to find in Terengganu.

Bahulu and akok are two popular local speciality cakes of Terengganu. Selling by the roadside, these cakes are made from butter, eggs and coconut. Many cars will stop by the roadside to buy them.